19th Moscow International Festival-Competition
children's and youth artistic creativity
"Open Europe - Open Planet"
30 march - 03 april 2022

30/03/2022 - arrival of the participants (official accommodation from 14:00), registration of all participants in the Conference Hall of the Cosmos Hotel, a meeting of the leaders with the leadership of the Festival-Competition in the Conference Hall of the Cosmos Hotel.
31/03/2022 - 01.04.2022 - competition days, master classes (by appointment).
02/04/2022 - Gala concert, awarding all participants with Diplomas, awarding the Grand Prix, awarding with special prizes. Exhibition and rewarding in the nomination "Artistic and decorative-applied creativity".
03/04/2022 - departure of participants (until 12.00 - release of rooms).

Creative teams and individuals aged 5 to 20 are invited to participate in the competition.
Age category "Profi" - up to 30 years old. The category "Profi" includes students of special secondary and higher educational institutions of arts.

III. Nominations
1.1 Choreography: people dance, classical dance, modern choreography (solo and small forms up to 4 people, ensembles).
2.1. Variety song (solo, duets, ensembles);
2.2. People song (solo, duets, ensembles);
2.3. Academic genre (solo, duets, ensembles);
2.4. Folk-lore collectives.
2.5. Choruses
Instrumental music:
3.1. Piano (solo);
3.2. String and pizzicato instruments (solo);
3.3. Brass instruments (solo);
3.4. People instruments (solo);
3.5. Orchestras and ensembles.
4.1. Original genre (circus and sport programs);
4.2. Fashion theatres.

Artistic and decorative-applied creativity:
5.1. Painting and graphics
5.2. Arts and crafts
5.3. Art Photography
5.4. The theme of the competition for the nomination "Artistic Creativity" 2020 is "Peace on Planet Earth".

1. Shooting should be done horizontally, full-length, on a camera or on a phone, in high quality in the MP4 format. Filming can be carried out at home or outdoors in bright light, and filming can also be from a concert venue, but with one condition that there is no symbolism of another festival-competition in the background. The sound should be clear with no acoustic dips. Low quality video files are allowed to be judged by the jury, but will not be allowed to be broadcast live.
2. One piece is provided for the distance competition

1. Choreography:
Participants "Solo" and "Small Forms" compete in their nominations, but there is no division by age categories.
1.1. Age categories (ensembles):
4-7 years old (only for the nomination "Children's dance").
younger group - 7-10 years old; middle group - 11-14 years old; senior group - 15-20 years old; Mixed group.
2. Vocals:
The performer is solely responsible for the performance of the work (permission of the authors).
Members of "Ensembles" and "Small Forms" - no division by age category
2.1. Age categories (solo):
category 1: 5-8 years old;
category 2: 9-12 years old;
category 3: 13-15 years old;
category 4: 16-20 years old;
Category 5: Pros
2.2. In the category "Choirs" - up to 5 adults are allowed.
2.3. In the nomination "Musical Theaters", the contestants must submit a complete costume piece of a musical or operetta no more than 10 minutes.
3. Instrumental music:
3.1. Age categories (solo):
category 1: 5-13 years old;
category 2: 14-20 years old,
Category 3: Pros
3.2. In the nomination "Orchestras and Ensembles" up to 30% of adults are allowed.
4. Show programs:
4.1. The original genre (circus, sports programs, etc.) The program is presented up to 8 minutes.
4.2. "Fashion Theaters" - A collection of no more than 8 minutes duration is presented.
5. Artistic and decorative-applied creativity:
5.1. The theme of the 2022 competition is “Peace on Planet Earth”.
5.2. Young artists and photographers aged 5 to 20 are invited to participate in the Competition.
5.3. There is a competition in two age categories:
Category 1 - from 5 to 13 years old;
Category 2 - from 14 to 20 years old
5.4. In the nomination "Painting and Graphics", "Decorative and Applied Creativity", "Artistic Photography" are sent photos of works made in any technique.
In each nomination one work is accepted from one participant.
5.5. All works submitted for the Competition (works are considered to be finally accepted after receiving the Organizer of the festival contribution to the account) will be published in the VKontakte group for voting photographs / scan of works; the size of each photo is 800x550 pixels, the volume is not more than 500 kb; JPEG format, blurry, dark photos, etc. not accepted. Photos are sent - together with a creative application form to the email address
5.6. All Internet users can take part in the selection of the winner (clause 6.5), awarded

The jury will evaluate the performance of the contestants based on the video material presented to the organizing committee
1. Participants in each nomination are assessed by a professional international jury: prominent figures of culture and art, heads and teachers of specialized higher and secondary educational institutions, heads of international children's and youth festivals and competitions from different countries. The jury includes honored cultural workers, famous singers, composers, musicians, artists, and media representatives.
2. A separate jury is created for each of the nominations:
3. Members of the jury evaluate the performance of the participants on a 10-point system. The winners are determined by the total score.
4. However, the jury's evaluations are based on the "qualification" principle of evaluating the participants, and not the "competitive" principle between them.
5. In case of revealing the same amount of points of participants in one of the nominations, the final decision remains with the Chairman of the jury of this nomination.
6. The final composition of the jury is formed and approved no earlier than 1 week before the start of the competition and is published on the Official website in the section "Actual information" of the competition.
7. The jury's decision is final and cannot be changed!

1. The organizing committee reserves the right not to disclose the results of the competition until the Gala concert
2. "Grand Prix" is awarded in each nomination.
3. In each category, in each age group, diplomas are awarded:
- "Laureate" of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree; - "Diplomant" of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree; - "Participant".
"Laureates", "Diplomants", "Participants" are awarded with diplomas, cups. Diplomas are sent electronically.
4. Attention !!! The Jury Members have the right not to award all the declared titles of the competition if they deem the level of the contestants insufficient!
5. The jury retains the right to divide the title among several participants in one nomination!
6. The winners of the Festival-Contest will receive invitations and certificates to international children's and youth festivals, competitions in Russia, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Serbia, Italy, Bulgaria, etc.

1. Participants pay a festival fee for each nomination and each age group separately.
2. Competition fees for one nomination 20 euros

up to 10th of March 2022.
When submitting an application, the organizing committee assigns an application number, which must be indicated when paying.


tel./fax 8 (495) 987-1952, 8 (495) 504-6561,+7 910 4036297
127015, Moscow, Pravda street, 23, of. 4, «Vesalo-tour»

Executive director of
the Moscow International
Festival-Contest of children’s and youth
creative art "Open Europe - Open Planet",
Frolovskaya G.N.

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